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Payday Loan Debt Help Template: GET ATTENTION by informing loan company you are working with a debt adviser

One of the things you can do to begin to get your house in order whilst also showing the payday loan companies that you are a serious customer is to draft in the help of a debt adviser – speak to your local library about who might be able to offer free advice (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, Step Change, Which? Helpline etc.).

Once you are in discussion with a debt adviser your payday loan company should not make any attempt to escalate matters by pursuing you through debt collectors.  Use this template to make sure they know you know your rights:

Download (DOCX, 21KB)

Remember: it’s better to keep a cool head and you’re smart when it comes to knowing your rights.  The payday loan companies are less likely to ignore (or bully) you and more likely to see it as in their interests to help.

If your debt is over a certain level, another invaluable source of payday loan help may be open to you. If you are really struggling with payday loan debt, a debt management company can transform your situation. A good debt management company will charge no upfront fee, and will contact the company your payday loan debt is owed to on your behalf. This is a link to the only one I personally know of that ticks all those boxes. With experience of dealing with these companies and expert knowledge of regulations and rights, they can halt all threats and unnecessary contact, and help create a much more manageable situation in which you will finally be able to successfully pay back your loan.


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